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Lyndsey | Burlington, VT

Lyndsey | Burlington, VT

Leadership is... encouraging and empowering others through one’s attitude and actions. Driven by motivation to make a positive impact on his or her environment, these actions can have tremendous effects on the way that others behave, whether it be in a community as small as a high school or as large as an entire country.

Leadership in Life... Fearful, shy, and unwilling to adapt: these are the words that I use to describe my younger self, for I spent the first 15 years of my life in 5 very different states across the nation. Out of sadness and a subconscious rebellion against my parents, I’d often be a “follower” since I was too afraid to speak up when I was always the new kid in a school system. What did I have to offer? Why in the world would anyone want to hear from me, some no-name little girl in her gauchos and Bobby Jack tee who always sat in the back of the classroom doodling in her journal? It wasn’t until my sophomore year of high school, when I was forced to move to Vermont (which, at the time, seemed like a foreign land to me), where I discovered that being a “follower” would get me nowhere. It was time to stop sulking over my past and start embodying the values and traits that I admired in others.

With this new mindset, I set my hopes and dreams for my undergraduate career on becoming the student body president by the time I was a senior. As a college freshman, this goal seemed quite unattainable and nearly impossible for my quiet, reserved self. Throughout the last three years, I have realized the importance of connections, mentors, and most importantly, self-motivation. Building on my passion for all things government and law-related, I have been able to dedicate my time to a variety of different clubs and groups to help other students fulfill their dreams and reach their fullest potential. As the new President of the Student Government Association at High Point University, I am focused on using my last year wisely to ensure that my peers get the most out of their college careers so that their future shine as bright as they do. Who knew that that no-name girl in gauchos and the Bobby Jack tee would ever make it to this point? Self-motivation: don’t ever take stop making it your #1 priority.

Advice… do not be afraid to fail, for failure opens a whole new set of doors that you never would have discovered without failing in the first place. If you hold yourself back from jumping on new opportunities and explorations, you may never know the potential you contain within yourself that subsequently has a brilliant effect on those around you. Fail your way to success, as odd as that may sound.

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