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Bella | Battle Creek, MI

Bella | Battle Creek, MI

Leadership is... staying determined and passionate to turn goals into reality, even when obstacles are thrown at you.

Leadership in Life... One of the biggest things I’ve learned in college so far is that if you set your mind to something you really can make it happen. I’m currently majoring in chemistry and minoring in business administration and legal studies. My goal is to go to law school one day and become an attorney. To most this is an extremely odd path to take to get to law school and I’ll admit it definitely will be a lot of work. Through this past year I’ve definitely gotten the confusion, the doubt, and the “when are you gonna switch majors?” but I’ve stayed determined and continued with the path I’m on. As of now I’m still on track to earn my chem degree, but along with that I have also joined a pre-law fraternity and will be doing an internship with a law office over the summer. One other thing that I’ve learned to grow through is my passion of working out. I have always loved working out and running but with two knee surgeries and the path to early arthritis, it was time to scale back. I at first was extremely down and didn’t know how I would be able to return to a solid workout routine but with the help of PT at Indiana State University and my determination to keep pushing, it became evident of a lot of ways I could still be active without killing my knee more. Through leadership skills I have learned that it’s okay to stand out or to have a “different” path. What is important is that you are passionate about what you are studying or doing in life and if you have the passion the determination will be right there with it. Being able to be passionate and determined have made my goals more achievable and have helped me grow into a better leader.

Advice… don’t give up. No matter what someone says to you keep following your goals. Stay determined, stay passionate and your goals will become a reality!

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