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Kinsey | Harbor Beach, MI

Kinsey | Harbor Beach, MI

Leadership is... a way to accomplish goals through the increased productivity and motivation of others, in addition to yourself. Leadership can be uncomfortable, impactful, uplifting, and fulfilling.

Leadership in Life... I found my leadership potential during one of the greatest life transitions – moving from my small hometown to a college campus with over 50,000 students. At first I felt scared, alone, and that my leadership potential was insignificant compared to all my other talented classmates. I struggled feeling unimpactful for a while - until I dedicated everything I could give to my accomplishments. After many hours slaving over homework and volunteering for organizations I was passionate about, I got myself noticed. When one person told me I should run for the executive board of our packaging club, Coalition of Packaging Professionals and Academic Connections, I came to the realization that I absolutely had the potential to lead others. I ran for vice president, got the position, and am working on my duties for the fall. I thought by accomplishing many great tasks I could “earn” the right to be a leader. By doubting my own ability, I was doing both myself and the others that could benefit from my leadership a disservice. It only takes a smile or a few kind words to totally change the perspective of another. Do not be stingy with kindness. What I learned from this experience was that doubting one's own leadership potential is counterproductive and unnecessary. Of course it may be uncomfortable to hop into a leadership position at first, but the comfort zone challenge is fulfilling and worth it in the end.

Advice… Do not doubt your own abilities! You never know what you are capable of until you try; the tough times show your true potential. Without the struggle, you may never discover your true talents and abilities. Also, try something new whenever you can. It will feel uncomfortable but you may discover something you never knew you liked. The risk/reward is frightening yet invigorating – give it a try sometime.

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