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Jahi | Age: 22 | Baton Rouge, LA

Jahi | Age: 22 | Baton Rouge, LA

Leadership is... empowering others to make a difference in the community and affirming their truths.

Leadership in Life... Starting The 821 Project has provided me with many opportunities for personal growth. I founded the organization because I felt that there needed to be a space for people in south Louisiana to embrace global citizenship by learning about social issues and having greater cross-cultural interactions. In the process, I’ve had to learn--and still am learning-- self-confidence. I was worried that I'd be overlooked as a leader because I was someone who was introverted, “quiet”, and had social anxiety. Creating and leading 821, however, has really helped to strengthen my self-confidence in not only my leadership skills but in myself and my own abilities.

Advice… Don’t assume that every failure you encounter is because you did something wrong. You can do everything right--show up on time, study every day, follow the rules, have the perfect resume--and things can still go wrong or be underwhelming for you. This is something that I am learning myself, and it is proving to be very valuable advice.

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