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Grace | Age: 21 | Silver Spring, MD

Grace | Age: 21 | Silver Spring, MD

Leadership is... fostering and supporting growth in others so that they can reach their highest potential, while humbly challenging yourself to do the same.

Leadership in Life... My sophomore year of college, I was rejected from a leadership position (within a group I was that already involved with) that I desperately wanted. I was upset at first, but I still felt a desire to lead. Instead of feeling defeated, I sought feedback and then worked really hard to make those changes. I sought several seemingly smaller leadership opportunities to help me practice these changes and grow my leadership skills. I soon realized that I was able to touch and connect with more members of the group than I believed I would have been able to in that [original] leadership position. Through this experience, I learned that leadership is not a position but the way that I carried myself, supported others, and seized opportunities for growth.

Advice… Lead to serve. Servant leadership is primarily focused on serving others and then choosing to lead. When you are sincerely and passionately working for the greater good, you are naturally leading.

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