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Eric | Age: 21 | Laytonsville, MD

Eric | Age: 21 | Laytonsville, MD

Leadership is... a willingness to be the first in and the last out, to put the needs of the team and task ahead of your own and a complete belief in the task and what's ahead, to know that the end result rests with you.

Leadership in Life... This past fall I ran a nonpartisan voter registration and advocacy group at my college campus. I was tasked with setting up the organization with no institutional support, background resources, or mentor to aid me along the process. Despite the hardships, the organization helped register nearly 2,000 voters in time for the Presidential election and helped the college be named one of the nation's most voter friendly campuses. Working long nights and doing whatever needed to be done to succeed is what makes the differences between a leader and someone on the sidelines. Helping young students have the chance to make an impact through voting was one of the most rewarding experiences in my life and it goes to show that no matter your age or experience, anyone can make a difference.

Advice… Learn to listen, to follow, and to never give up. Times will be hard and you will want to stop, but it's those who keep pushing who truly make a difference in our world.

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