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Corrin | Age: 20 | Millsboro, DE

Corrin | Age: 20 | Millsboro, DE

Leadership is... the desire to encourage others to perform to their highest capabilities and beyond, as well as be a mentor and helping hand whenever needed.

Leadership in Life... Leadership in life can provide others with an extra push and words of encouragement so they can succeed and reach their ultimate goals. I had never considered myself a true leader, but there was one distinct moment that made me realize how much a leader I really am. As Vice President and student leader for Mission: I'm Home, I stepped up and helped create our first fall serve trip, which is a trip over spring break where we volunteer at different organizations within the Baltimore City community. I was the only student leader for this trip so I was in charge of leading ice breakers, reflections, etc. One of the first things I noticed at the beginning of the trip was that no one really knew each other, and I didn't really know them. Despite this road block, I encouraged everyone to hang out during free time and I sat down and talked to everyone during the trip. I didn't realize my impact on my fellow students until the last day. During the final reflection for the week, I was told how I inspired many people to come out of their shell. I was also told that I sparked a passion of service for many people and encouraged them to go above and beyond for others in need. That feeling is indescribable. In that moment I realized leadership is much more than telling people what to do. It's about encouraging and inspiring others, lending a helping hand whenever needed. I'm so thankful for that trip and my fellow students that made me realize what true leadership is all about.

Advice… Always be genuine and kind with words and actions. It's important to provide positive encouragement so a positive environment can be created. A lot more gets accomplished when everyone is surrounded with positivity.

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