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Braylon | Age: 23 | Baton Rouge, LA

Braylon | Age: 23 | Baton Rouge, LA

Former Baton Rouge Mayoral Candidate

Leadership is... Embracing the challenges you see before you head on and remaining dedicated to accomplishing the ultimate goal of success.

Leadership in Life... I have always been the type of individual to take on tasks far greater than myself without hesitation. I had to learn that my age did not determine my ability to bring my dreams into reality. When I made the decision to run for Mayor of Baton Rouge last year, I decided to once again take on a challenge greater than myself no matter the risks involved in the dirty world of politics. It was my hope that even if I did not win the election, that those who would be successful would realize that those you label as your average citizens still can make an impact and shift the agenda. In the end I didn’t win the election, but I was truly inspired by the citizens who embraced our message and took it as their strength to fight for a better day in our community. Since then I have seen so many Millennials around the country taking those same leaps of faith to show that leadership, real leadership, doesn’t always come from the status quo style of the political elite. I remain inspired because I know that a new age of leadership is here and it will be heard.

Advice… You don’t drown because the water is deep, you drown because you stopped kicking. Every day is an opportunity to turn every “can’t” in your life into a “can”. Stay focused, stay woke, and your determination will give you strength to press on.

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