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Austin | Age: 18 | Newport, MI

Austin | Age: 18 | Newport, MI

Leadership is... striving to make a positive impact on your peers by exemplifying qualities and traits that will make the world a better, and overall, happier place.

Leadership in Life... As most of us know, high school can be known as a place where bad decisions are made. It's almost like a factory, mass producing them on an assembly line. I made quite a few of those bad decisions in my early years of high school. It wasn't until I lost something that meant the world to me that I realized what I, and really everyone, was capable of: destruction, causing damage beyond repair. We, as humans, have the power to ruin things due our actions, behaviors, and the way we treat others. It was through this discovery that I began to think that destruction was all I would ever be capable of, and thus was all I deserved. Conversely, in my struggle I found that I was capable of another thing: construction, or the art of building something. I realized that, despite the destruction I had left behind, I could do so much more. I was able to build and create things such as art, music, and young leaders through my actions, behaviors, and the way I treated others. These two discoveries have made all of the difference in my life.

Advice… If you aren't uncomfortable, you're not growing, and if you stop growing, you may as well be dead.

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