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Alexandra Ngo | Age: 21 | Sterling Heights, MI

Alexandra Ngo | Age: 21 | Sterling Heights, MI

Leadership is... understanding that the loudest voice in the crowd is not always the best one to follow, but helping facilitate conversation to hear other voices to counter that. Leadership is not something that can be defined by how many successes, only by the positive impact it has on others.

Leadership in Life... I never saw myself being a leader beyond the confines of team projects or on sports teams until I started working closely with nonprofit organizations. I am the person who likes to challenge the popular opinion, even if the opinion I am voicing is not personally my own. I am the person who gets people to think out of the box and not go the cookie cutter way. What I thought made me feel like a difficult person to work with actually made me the person that people wanted to work with to push the group to success. I've been involved with Michigan Youth Leadership (MYLead) since I was a sophomore in high school and Girls on the Run (GOTR) since I was a freshman in college. With each year I am involved with both, I feel myself not only contributing my efforts and time to these organizations, but I feel myself growing and learning from all the people around me and with me. The people I surround myself with determine how much I grow as a person and help me understand the diversity of knowledge and opinions too.

Advice… Even though people look like they have their future all planned out and perfect, they don't, but they act like they do. The more you see yourself in a successful place and act like it, the more likely you're going to get there and achieve all of your goals.

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