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Ken | Age: 21 | Detroit, MI

Ken | Age: 21 | Detroit, MI

Leadership is... when you have the ability to make change. When you have the ability and space, it means you have the responsibility to do something with it.

Leadership in Life... Knowing that [my mayoral campaign] doesn't have as much money as the incumbent or the typical competition [can sometimes be daunting], but then having five young people across the country contact me that they’re making a bid for city council, or senate, or mayor, it means so much to us. There’s a guy running in NJ, a guy running in Philadelphia, a guy running in New Orleans, they’ve all contacted me and said they’ve been watching and following us, saying that we gave them the confidence, that we gave them the extra push they needed to run. This is exactly what my campaign is about, projecting progressive leadership. I don’t know what’s more progressive than Millennials, and it’s beautiful. Every month we hear a new story of a young man or woman that has decided to run for office, and a lot of them are people of color. They’re starting to encompass what we’ve been preaching the entire time, that Millennials are ready to lead.

Advice… Keep pushing. When it’s your time, it’s your time to shine. Rebuke the negativity. Don’t let anyone tell you anything besides positivity and growth.

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