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Alexa | Age: 17 | Maysville, KY

Alexa | Age: 17 | Maysville, KY

Leadership is... taking the chance to speak up, be heard, and inspire others to take their own steps. Leadership is a journey of failures and successes shared with your peers trying to reach a common goal.

Leadership in Life... The biggest turning point in my life occurred when a close friend passed away in 2015. As my emotions roared I grew as a person and found my own purpose. As the person in the room who sits back and watches everyone else, I noticed that the average person had no empathy, cared very little about the gift of life, and came to grips with the harsh reality that the majority of people around us pay more attention to the image they portray on social media than they do to their true face. In these moments, I made up my mind that I would never become a faceless automaton and ultimately dreamed of changing the world. I took the chance of stepping outside of my comfort zone and set a goal of venturing out onto a very long and rigorous journey to becoming a doctor, starting my own hospital, and changing the world. In the face of adversity, I turned towards success. Through a setback I was able to grow as an individual and no longer be afraid to chase my dreams.

Advice… Making mistakes is how you grow in life, so take chances and work towards the best version of yourself. Experiencing failure and having problems is good—it means you're alive and growing.

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