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Darryl | Age: 20 | Wilmington, DE

Darryl | Age: 20 | Wilmington, DE

President, United Apparel

Leadership is... sharing personal knowledge and experiences to promote success amongst the group of individuals being led, in a positive and professional manner.

Leadership in Life... Throughout my time at college, I have learned that being a leader is not originally what I thought it to be. When I arrived as a freshman at High Point University, I joined the freshmen leadership program and joined the "Shelter Clothing" department. After spending a semester working for the branding team I was asked to step up as the new president based upon the leadership I had shown thus far. Once I became the president, my team and I took many weeks coming up with new marketing and leadership opportunities, [including] changing the name of the organization, creating a unique and personalized purchasing system, and establishing an accredited internship program within [what became known as] United Apparel. This was a time I had to step up as a new leader and I had a large amount of personal growth.

Advice… Take everything as a learning experience. What you learn in class, [through] the words of a peer, an article you read, etc. will give you [the] knowledge to make your own leadership or person growth so much better and easier to accomplish. Learn as much as you can when you have the opportunity. It is always best for me to learn something and then implement it right [away] into my roles and organization.

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