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Isabel | Age: 20 | Eaton Rapids, MI

Isabel | Age: 20 | Eaton Rapids, MI

International Studies Major

Leadership is... when you provide others with the skills to grow, and in turn you grow with them (and because of them).

Leadership in Life... I found personal growth after I moved across the country from Michigan to attend school in Georgia, left the country to study Arabic and Middle Eastern culture, and then transferred to a tiny Dominican Catholic university in Grand Rapids, Michigan. I remember telling my parents how unhappy I was my first weeks there, saying I wanted to move back to Georgia. After I started to intentionally involve myself in clubs and organizations, I saw the personal growth that I had made. Moving to another new location, getting involved in leadership roles in many clubs on campus, and constantly challenging myself allowed me to experience personal growth.

Advice… Constantly be accepting both challenge and change. When you feel as if you are not accomplishing anything, you should make a change and start pushing yourself to accomplish more. Ultimately, change is good, and if you strive for it, you will accomplish more than you could imagine.

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