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Grace | Age: 20 | New Jersey

Grace | Age: 20 | New Jersey

Leadership is... using skills that you have to lead your followers to their goal. Leadership isn’t something that is only applicable in the workplace, leaders in the workplace should also be leaders in their personal life.

Leadership in Life... This year I applied to the High Point University Business Plan Competition to showcase my business, Generation Meaning. Although my business was newly formulated, my professor and I thought it would be worth entering even in such the beginning phases. After working hard to express my ideas into a two-page application, I waited anxiously to hear the results. Unfortunately, I did not make it to the final round. When I heard the news I was upset, but the fire to start this business was still inside me and I knew this was it. Ever since I can remember I wanted to start a business but was unsure what kind of business. It started off as a restaurant, hair salon, a gym but none of them gave me the feeling that Generation Meaning does. Generation Meaning is something that I want to grow so that I can share what I know with others and in turn learn what they know. Leadership is extremely important in not only the workplace but in life. I want to use my leadership development program to show millennials that leadership is something they can achieve. Not being chosen for the final round of the business plan competition showed me that Generation Meaning is worth the hard work and long-hours that it takes to start a business. I learned that you’ll know when it is right because it just clicks.

Advice… Put 120% into what you want because opportunity is out there, but you have to put in the effort to get there. You might have to work harder then you ever thought but when that opportunity presents itself you will be grateful you put in all the work.

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