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Meghan | Age: 20 | Olney, MD

Meghan | Age: 20 | Olney, MD

Human Relations Major

Leadership is... collaboration to make a positive change to better our world.

Leadership in Life... I led several retreats in high school, where I learned from my peers. I was known as the “motivator” and a reliable person to go to for advice or just a pick-me-up. That is where my passion for motivational speaking came from. Then, in college, I knew I wanted to continue with leadership, and I am thankful for all the opportunities my college has to do so. I have learned in college that leadership is about making an impact and leaving a legacy, for those after you to continue and improve. It is not about standing out, winning awards, and being recognized for your work. Anyone has the ability to become a leader, and model the way and make a difference. As long as you are fulfilled with yourself and doing something positive for the world, you have become a leader.

Advice… Never, ever, give up. Even when you think there is no other possible ways to attain something, keep trying. Success comes to those who work for it and believe in themselves. Do not just make connections to help you land a job, make worthwhile connections with people who can help you grow and succeed as a person, and someone that you can turn to for advice during difficult times. Life will bring you down, but learn from failures and pick yourself back up. Every day is a new day, and wake up every day with one goal in mind of something to accomplish.

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