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Morgan | Age: 18 | Roseville, MI

Morgan | Age: 18 | Roseville, MI

Leadership is... having the courage to take a new path without knowing exactly what you're walking into. It's about asking hard questions and being open to unexpected answers.

Leadership in Life... During my junior year of high school, I was invited to attend a National Student Leadership Conference on political action and public policy in Washington D.C.. It was an amazing opportunity, but the tuition was $3,500 for the week (far more than my family was willing to spend on a conference). At first, I tossed the flier aside thinking there was no way for me to attend. A few days later, my English teacher encouraged me to try to raise the money for the conference. When I returned home, I made a bargain with my parents, "If I raise every dollar of tuition by myself, will you let me go?" They said yes. I did not have a job at the time, so for the next few months I wrote letters and contacted family, groups throughout my community, and friends. I explained my involvements, personal goals, and reasons for wanting to attend the conference. After four months, I raised $4,000 (which also helped pay for my travel expenses).

When I stopped worrying about whether my goal was "achievable" and began to focus solely on the end result, I began to recognize that my own limits are not fixed. They are flexible, breakable, and ever-changing.

Advice… No pair of people have perfectly identical experiences in life. This means that each person has a unique perspective to offer the world, including you.

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