GR Dulac started The Leadership Projects in hopes of finding stories and advice that may be used to empower current and future millennial leaders.


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Lyndsey | Burlington, VT

Leadership is...encouraging and empowering others through one’s attitude and actions. Driven by motivation to make a positive impact on his or her environment, these actions can have tremendous effects on the way that others b...


Briana | Royal Palm Beach, FL

Leadership is... the daily practice of motivating others to achieve their goals and dreams by being an example of what can be achievable through hard work and dedication.

Leadership in Life... When I was 8 years old, I was...


Jasmine | Houston, TX

Leadership is... the ability to rise to the occasion. It’s about stepping up and doing whatever is necessary to see successful outcomes, in spite of any setbacks.

Leadership in Life... A time in my life where I had the most person...


Kinsey | Harbor Beach, MI

Leadership is... a way to accomplish goals through the increased productivity and motivation of others, in addition to yourself. Leadership can be uncomfortable, impactful, uplifting, and fulfilling.

Leadership in Life... I fo...

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The Leadership Projects

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 millennial & Gen Z leadership

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